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Buy Fake Member of Telegram

Telegram Fake Channel Subscribers

Buy Fake Member of Telegram
Buy Fake Member of Telegram

buy member fake of telegram is a safe way to increase number of your channel members because for use the fake member you need Recognition about  member fake.
In this article we  going to explain member fake.

member fake is type of the member that we use to increase number of channel members so with use member fake we can increase credit channel.

The method of constructing () is through virtual numbers, so there is no external existence member fake have several property that i want explain for you in below :

good property (advantages) :

  1. first one of good property of member fake, is very cheap
  2. second of good property of member fake, They will not leave the channel

bad property(disadvantages) :

  1. Can not see channel posts
  2. leaving completely from channel after 4-5 months

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Buy Telegram Followers

Increase Telegram Channel Followers

Buy Telegram Followers


Buy telegram followers is the most important way to increase revenue efficiency is through telegram.for improve your job and your shop in telegram you must increase your telegram followers because much telegram follower,make your channel and group to big shop and social working.

The most important points about Buy telegram followers enhancement :

In the first, you must choice your Target of the having channels or groups of the telegram because with out target you can not achieve to money. at the following i explain for you that how you increase telegram followers.

Point :
increase telegram follower
 , have direct relation with credit and income.

The ways of increase telegram followers :

  1. spend a lot of time
  2. promotion with advertising in other social media
  3. produce content
  4. buy telegram follower

Spend a lot of time :
this way is the hard way and we spend about 2 year  because we have not enough time to increase telegram followers so we must use other ways.

Promotion with advertising in other social media :
With this way we can achieve good location in the virtual market.

Produce content : For this object you most have special must share you information to your telegram followers.

Buy telegram followers : This way is a best way to achieve money at low time because you can find out a lot of telegram followers in your channel and your group.

You can buy 3 kind of telegram followers :

  1. Fake
  2. Real
  3. Target

Fake telegram followers : This kind of members are used to increase credit of channel and holds the number of followers high and fake follower do not leave channel.


Real telegram followers : Real follower use for increase seen of post in channel and share information.

Target telegram follower : Target follower is the most specialized type of telegram followers because you can use target follower to sell your products.

Soruce :

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Buy Telegram Group Members

buy telegrams member of group

Buy Telegram Group Members

Buy Telegram Group Members :

are added to and operate in a telegram group. Purchasing a member of the group is currently done in a semi-active manner through an EDS member and considered a telegram user to add to their group. In this way, usually between 30-50% of the members are online and available, and 50% of added members are offline.

Through this method, you can gain more credibility and persuade others to join your group by increasing the number of members in the group. As can be seen from the above definitions, unlike the channel, which involves the use of several methods for increasing the membership, for the group, there is currently only one way to increase the members, which is the semi-active member method.

Benefits of buying members of the group

  • Increasing activity and boosting the group
  • Possibility of prompt order
  • More efficiency
  • Increase the number of members and increase the group’s credit
  • Create an enthusiasm for others to join the group

Group membership weaknesses

  • High exit from group
  • Semi-active members
  • Relatively low activity by members

Note: Before buying a member of the group, it should be noted that the amount of exits varies between 30% and 70%, and this variation depends on the group’s title and contents, as well as on how the group is managed. In fact,when we have the more correct the management is, we will see fewer exits.

Source :

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Buy Telegram members

Buy Telegram Subscribers

Buy Telegram members


members of  telegram is the most important part of the telegram therefore our focus is on increasing the number of member of the telegram.

History :
The telegram messenger application was first launched on August 14, 2013 for the iPhone and then released the alpha version for Android on October 20, 2013. You can use the telegram in smartphones, tablets, windows, windows phone and Linux. You can also use multiple telegrams simultaneously and you need only one unique phone number in all of them. Telegram reached a record 200 million users therefore Telegram is a popular.

Introduction to “User Activities” in Telegram:
Telegram is a popular and practical application that gives users a lot of possibilities, which are announced below and fully explained.Telegram applications:

  • Mesغير مجاز مي باشدing
  • Send photo
  • Upload movie
  • Having a group
  • Having the channelThe appearance of the theorem is very simple, but in the nature of these cases there is an economic world. Our attempt is to fully explain all of these.
Video Player

At the beginning of the discussion, account creation was explained


Types of members:


Inactive types:

Active types:
1. Forced Normal
2. Forced Hayden
3. target Members

Fake(unreal) member:
These channel members are unrealistic and have no activity

Inactivity. Disappearance. Total leaving after several months
Increase channel and group credit. No gradual leaving

Offline Member:
Disadvantages: inactivity and view of post is 0%
Advantages:Not leaving

Forced Normal:
Disadvantages: Decrease of 30% to 70%
Advantages: High activity. Real people. view of post is 3-10%

Forced Hayden:
Disadvantages: Decrease of 30% to 50%
Advantages: High activity. Real people. view of post 1-5%

The people are quite real and will be added to your channel by sending notifications

Advantages :
1-Very high quality
2-member targeted for a specific topic
3. Leaving is very low
4- Top view


Source :

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increase the channel members

increase the channel members


Optional member

An optional member is a method of add to telegram channel in which individuals (optional members) willingly submit themselves through a notification ……… Do you want to join our channel ………the Optional member add to Channels .

Difference of Optional and Forced Members:

In the forced process, as its name implies, members are added without the will and interest in the channel, which is why this method has high members’ exit, which usually varies between 30% and 70%, depending on the content, title and attractiveness of the channel. but in an Optional member is invariably optional, in terms of interest, and through the announcement “Do you want to join the channel …”added to channel. it has a high view of this method , and exit members will be low

Note: According to the above, it can be concluded that adding with optional method has a much higher quality than the compulsory method, and the efficiency in this method is beter than the compulsory method.

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of optional method :


The reality of all members
low exit
the visits of posts is more
High efficiency
Potential customer


The price is relatively high

* Source :

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Facebook is the most popular Social Network now

Facebook is the most popular Social Network now
Facebook is the most popular Social Network now

Facebook is one of the oldest social networks that has been able to beat its rivals and become the best social network on the Internet.
With the help of this social network you can connect with friends, acquaintances and even Westerners, share your pictures, chat and do many other things.You can install an Android version of Facebook on your phone and simply check out your Facebook account.This software creates a complete and comprehensive Facebook version on your phone.You can download and install it now by looking at the rest of the page, while familiarizing with other features and also viewing the screenshots of the app’s interior.

The most important features of Facebook software :

View specific feeds in the phone’s notification
View all of Facebook feeds
Ability to create groups and connect with them
Ability to do video chat
Possibility to send various emoticons, gif files with special effects and editing options
Ability to sign in to the Facebook account
Easy to use and convenient environment
Ability to comment
Post Positions on Facebook

The most important changes to the new version :

Overall Software Improvement
Fix some bugs from the previous version of the software


Source :

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Buy Instagram Like & Auto-likes

Buy Instagram Like

Buy a likes :

a safe and short path to increase Instagram’s page performance
One of the services of the us for the Instagram social network is increase the like’s number of your posts. By buying an Instagram likes and auto-likes, you can grow your page in a short time and increase credit of your page.

 What does the likes mean?
Likes means a passion. Laying on Instagram is usually done when you become involved with an affair and express your interest in that. By visiting the Notifications section, you can see people who have liked your posts.


Buy Like and auto-Like :

like :
In the first method,we increase like of your post after share

The second method is the Auto-Like, which after activating it, all your future posts (ten or twenty posts in the future) will be automatically labeled with a selectable timing.


source :

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Buy Telegram Post Views

Channel View

Buy Telegram Post Views
Buy Telegram Post Views

In the telegram, when an item is sent to the channel and is posted as a famous post, at the bottom of the post the icon will appear along with the letter k; it represents the symbol and phrase of the post-telegram visit and indicates the amount of the visit it was made from.In fact, every 1k indicates that thousand members viewed the post.

The letter k is the unit number used in the telegram to count the members. In some other social networks such as Instagram, the letter k is a unit number and is not only in the telegram, which is used (k). In the following, we will review the post and its variants.

The incremental view of the post is of two types:

  1. Increase single post hits
  2. Increase post hits from 10 to 50 posts

How to Increase single post hits (single post) ?

Increase single post hits,through posting to other channels, and the channel members are viewed from the post and the number of posts in that post increases.

How to Increase post hits from 10 to 50 ?

Post-telemarketing is a method through which the postal informal subscriber telegrams are viewed and added to the number of visits, and in the common sense of the telegram, it increases. The higher the number of visits made to the posts of a channel, the greater the credibility of that channel, which makes other users more willing to join the channel and increase the number of members on that channel.

Note: There are several factors that increase the credibility and efficiency of a channel, one of which is the amount of hits that occur from channel posts. Channels with high voicemail rates are usually more reliable, and other users are more interested in joining this category of channels. Post-telemarketing is a way for people who want to increase their channel’s credibility.

Benefits of buying a postal telegram visit:

  • Rising number of posts
  • Increase channel credit for users
  • Encourage other users to join the channel by visiting the top postal telegram
  • A propaganda method to attract members

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increase Telegram members

best method to increase members

increase Telegram members
increase Telegram members

In this article, we are going to introduce the compulsory purchase methods and the types that can be added to the channel as soon as you are present. Follow us. The forced admission is referred to as a category of recruiting of telegraphic channels, in which the member is compulsorily and unofficially added through informal telegrams. The members are completely realistic in this way, and they are added to the three conventional methods, the Silent and the Hayden channels, which briefly introduce them to you;

  • Normal
    In this method, the mandatory purchase of the members is added to the group as a normal and sound, and after the channel is added to the people, the announcement will be sent to you as a member of the channel. Depending on how the members added to channel in this method, the exit members will be high and usually we will see up to 70 percent drop.
  • Silent
    The forced typing in the Silent method is exactly the same as the Normal method , except that in this method after the member is added to the channel, unlike the usual mandatory addepration, the members can not see mesغير مجاز مي باشدe from channel, and also postings Done silently.
  • Hayden
    In Hayden’s way of increasing membership, unlike ordinary compulsory admission, not only does the announcement not be sent to the channel, but the channel is also hidden for the user (user added) and the user is not informed of its presence. It is worth noting that, due to how the member is added in this way, the exit members will be very low.

Recommendation: If you plan to only increase the number of members in the channel, the best option for you is Hayden’s method.

Benefits of Compulsory members :
The low غير مجاز مي باشدt of buying a mandatory members
Perform orders is too fast
Channel needs Initial Validation
Possibility to compensate for loss at a low غير مجاز مي باشدt
Decrease the amount of loss with proper management

Disadvantages of Compulsory Pope :
members fall Highly
low seen of channel posts

Source :

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Buy instagram Followers 

Buy Cheap Followers

[caption id="attachment_13885" align="aligncenter" width="1430"]Buy instagram Followers  Buy instagram Followers[/caption]

Instagram space for a business without proper flaw and good content. There are many pages that only have their business on Instagram, and they have no activity in the real world , These pages are predominantly Follower , and one of the methods that they use is the purchase of instagram followers.  But the question that arises is how this should be done and whether doing the appropriate returns is about your business ?

Your internet business requires effective advertising on the Internet. One of the fastest growing Internet business branches in the world is the business under the virtual network like Instagram , But marketing in this area has its own rules and it requires different activities to attract customers, and you can not just make a profitable business by launching an Instagram page.

Today's social networking is one of the needs of any individual or business. Using this space, due to the large number of users, can be a factor in marketing your business.

Instagram is at the forefront of these social networks in World, which offers many great opportunities for users to expand their activities

But the important thing is that credit on these social networks depends on the number of Followers and it's difficult to attract active and actual Followers.
In any case, in our community, perhaps the attention to the number of Followers on Instagram, is more than providing more useful content. There are pages that offer very useful content but fail to attract Followers and are not well-developed.

Different companies are selling Follower Instagram, and each has a specific definition for this word. But, generally speaking, Follower Instagram's term of purchase is the creation of great Followers for a short time on your Instagram page.

We will help you to see the Instagram

Click here To see my Services

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